Our clients:
– Natural persons interested in self-employment through national and EU funds
– Small and medium entrepreneurs (crafts, companies) who want to modernize or improve their business
– Non-profit organizations that want to enrich their program and / or create new jobs through EU funds
– Public and private educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities) that want to enrich their program and / or create new jobs through EU funds

Our services:
– Business and other management consulting
– Development of business plans (incentives for self-employment and employment)
– Preparation and application of project documentation for national and EU projects
– Implementation and support in the implementation of national and EU projects
– Multidisciplinary research and development in social sciences and humanities
– Intellectual research and development services in the field of non-formal education and training
– Design of innovative didactic and other tools and resources intended for learning and e-learning
– Education and trainings of youth workers, educators and trainers, team leaders, project managers and similar

Prices information:
-We do not charge for advice, calls and initial meetings.
-The cost of preparation and development of an EU project of higher value depends on the type of call to which the project applies, the complexity of the project, the amount of financial support for which it is applied and the time invested in research, analysis and consulting. The maximum price for such a service is up to 7% of the total investment value.
– The cost of implementing an EU project depends on the type of project and the area in which it is implemented (locally, internationally). The price of such a service ranges between 5% and 7% of the total project value.
– When preparing business plans and projects of lesser value that require up to € 18,000 in support, the service is charged only when the project application is positively evaluated and financed.