About us

We provide creative solutions for clients across Europe through the preparation and implementation of EU funded projects. Our clients are natural, legal and public persons residing in the EU, who are eligible for co-financing of projects and programs through EU financial support.

Kalimera is a small business enterprise (SME) founded in Croatia in 2021 and managed by the owner with the support of staff and external experts from the EU. Our collaborators are highly educated individuals, specializing in the preparation and implementation of EU projects with many years of experience in project management of non-profit and for-profit organizations and public entities, such as educational institutions, tourist boards, municipalities and similar.

We specialize in the following thematic areas:
– Entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills including all subcategories of entrepreneurship (social, female, agro, digital),
– research and development of formal and non-formal education of all age groups,
– democratic participation and active citizenship,
– social inclusion of disadvantaged people,
– transnational partnerships and networking of key stakeholders in the EU,
– creative solutions for learning and e-learning through various non-formal education methodologies,
– education and training,
– specialized design services and marketing